02.17eTK: Double Large URS Turtle Starter Kit

Double Large URS Turtle Starter Kit



Double Large URS Turtle Starter Kit come with

1 x 122 x 47 x 60cm URS Double Large Turtle Tank

1 x ES Fitting with Lead

1 x Compact Max 10.0 UV Globe

1 x 200w Water Heater

1 x 1200L/h Canister Filter

 Starter kits comes with everything you need to make set up a breeze. (products not fitted)

 These tanks are made from glass with an inner ledge that stretches from the front to the back of the tank, creating a study dry section the turtles can climb out onto.  Each Turtle Tank comes with a large top-opening lid that locks securely in place.  There are also spaces at the top for cords such as a cable for filters or water heaters to pass through with the lid still securely in place,plus a stainless steel circular vent on each end (not shown). Pressed circle areas in the mesh of the lid are easily pushed out to allow lighting to be fitted to the top also.