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  • 04.EVOC2
    Evo Connected II

    Cloud connected with a dual channel Microclimate Thermostat

  • 04.EVOC3
    Evo Connected III

    Cloud connected with three channels Microclimate Thermostat

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    Microclimate B1 Thermostat

    B1 Thermostat controls up to 600 watts of heating devises. ...

  • Microclimate B2 Thermostat
    Microclimate B2 Thermostat

    B2 Pulse Proportional thermostat controls up to 600 watts ...

  • EVO Lite Black
    Microclimate EVO Lite Digital Thermostat (Black) SPECIAL

    SPECIAL - Buy 2+ and get 20% OFF. Discount applied to your ...

  • 04.6009
    Microclimate Ministat 600

    Ministat 600 is an on/off Thermostat

  • Microclimate Ultra Fast Fuse Pack
    Microclimate Ultra Fast Fuse Pack

    Replacement 5amp Fuse Pack for Microclimate Thermostats. ...