Ultimate Heat Cord 4.3m

Ultimate Heat Cord 4.3m - 25W (BOX 50)

25watt 4.3 meter Heat Cords are ideal for incubators, reptile enclosures, fauna rescue and boarding kennels.



Heat Cord: Size = 4.3m - 25W This is the break-through in heating that we have all been waiting for at a very reasonable price. These heating cords are ideal for use in your incubators; no more changing blown globes all the time! They are also a great heat source for your reptile enclosures; you can place them behind a false wall or under a false floor. The list of uses for this heating cord is endless. We have even sold it to a large boarding kennel to keep the woofers warm. Fauna rescue groups also love these heating cords as it helps keep a larger percentage of there rescued animals alive and we think that's great! Available in four sizes and wattages. Wired to Australian Standards. Should be used in conjunction with a thermostat like any other heat source.