Cat's Best Smart Pellets
Cat's Best Smart Pellets
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Cat's Best Smart Pellets 10L - 5kg (07.21b)

Premium clumping organic pelleted Cat Litter



Cat's Best Smart Pellets 10L (5kg).  Cat’s Best Smart Pellets is a completely organic, clumping mini pellet cat litter made from natural wood fibres.  It has superior odour binding properties formed by the natural capillary system of plants making it super effective at trapping unpleasant smells.  Additionally, it can absorb up to 7 x its’ own volume.  Resulting clumps make waste easy to remove allowing the base contents to be left in the litter tray for up to 7 weeks!  Compostable, 100% biodegradable and creating significantly less waste, it’s the litter in harmony with nature.


Cat’s Best Smart Pellets has been specifically formulated with long-haired cats in mind so that it does not adhere to their fur and track out of the litter tray.