Ipetz is owned and run by reptile & pet enthusiasts. We are here to help your store in any way we can with all the correct advice that you, your staff or customers may need. We are only a phone call away for the help you may require at anytime!

This includes a thorough knowledge of husbandry needs, medical aspects as well as what products are required for their proper care, also the best advice on the biggest sellers in reptile accessories on the market today.


I am sure that you will agree once you have had the time to look over the Ipetz range that we have everything that your store will ever need when it comes to reptiles. We also sell some very high quality bird & poultry products, you will find these on our webpage and they are worth a look at. We will be adding a lot more pet accessories to our list in the very near future.

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Dog Toys

Arctic Freeze Ball

Purified water-filled Ball designed to be frozen

Arctic Freeze Bone

Purified water-filled Bone designed to be frozen

Arctic Freeze Fetch

Purified water-filled Fetch designed to be frozen

Arctic Freeze Snowflake

Purified water-filled Snowflake designed to be frozen

DOY - Purple/Yellow

Interactive Dog Toy - Treat Dispensing

Hydro Ball

Water absorbing ball for fun hydrated play

Hydro Fetch - Standard

Water absorbing Fetch for fun hydrated play

Hydro Ring - Standard

Water absorbing Ring for fun hydrated play

Hydro Saucer

Water absorbing saucer for fun hydrated play

Hydro-Bone Standard

Water absorbing bone for fun hydrated play

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