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  • Scorpions
    Book - Scorpions

    Excellent tips and understanding on how to care for these ...

  • Tarantulas
    Book - Tarantulas

    Advice and information for the general health and ...

  • Understanding Reptile Parasites
    Book - Understanding Reptile Parasites 2nd Edn

    Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment of common reptilian ...

  • What's Wrong with My Snake?
    Book - What's Wrong With My Snake?

    NEW REVISED EDITION!! Provides information on common ...

  • Keeping Australian Geckos
    Keeping Australian Geckos

    Contains basic keeping and maintenance with tips on ...

  • Keeping Australian Water Dragons
    Keeping Australian Water Dragons

    Contains general husbandry to handling and breeding. By ...

  • Keeping Carpet Pythons
    Keeping Carpet Pythons

    Covers at all sub-species of Morelia spiltota and also ...

  • Keeping Children's Pythons
    Keeping Children's Pythons

    Covers all sub-species in the Childrens' python family. By ...

  • Keeping Frogs
    Keeping Frogs

    General frog husbandry to handling and breeding. By Mark ...

  • Keeping Long Necked Turtles
    Keeping Long Necked Turtles

    Fully revised and expanded edition. By Darren Green.